*Menu subject to change*

*Egg Rolls*
Crispy egg roll filled with curry spiced chicken and potato
Served with sweet-chili dipping sauce

​*Golden Wings*
Lao-style fried chicken wings, sweet-spicy glaze, crispy garlic, cilantro

​*Pork Belly Slider*
Pork Belly, pate aioli, pickled carrot & daikon, jalapeno, cucumber, cilantro

*Pad Phet Pak (PPP)*
Spicy stir fried season vegetables, kale, and tofu
Served with Jasmine rice

​*Laab Gai*
Minced chicken tossed with lime, fish sauce, chili, fresh herbs,

galangal, toasted rice powder
Served with Jasmine rice

​[Gluten Free]

*Pork Fried Rice*
Pork, garlic, chili, scallion, fried egg

[Gluten Free]

*Chicken Basil Sir Fry [Pad Gra Pao]*
Chicken stir fried with garlic, chili, Holy basil, fried egg
Served with Jasmine rice

[Gluten Free]​​